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Lil Wayne

Cash Money Millionaires dainos žodžiai

[Lil Wayne]
Keep pimipin [4x] [Lil Wayne]
Keep pimpin keep pimpin keep pimpin keep pimpin [Lil Wayne]
verse 1
I got a bitch in the back got a hoe in front
one cookin the crack one rollin the blunt
getting pussy and ass from a beautiful broad
if you lookin for that holla at cha boy
I'm a ma ma mack mack
a pi pi pimp
I spi spi spi spit out shrimp
I pull up clean
I get out limb
I walk like li li li limb
I talk like bitch get get chi chi chi
best player on my team this year and when I ball women cheer
and they love the way I come out with the gear
this jacket these shoes dont come out this year
so if you love ya girl dont let her come out this year
'cause if you leave her out there she be coming out here
and that aint fair but I dont care
I'm a mutherf**kin cash money millionaire Chorus [2x]
Who you think you f**kin wit
who you think you f**kin wit
who you think you f**kin wit
who you think you f**kin wit
Im a muthaf**kin cash money millionaire verse 2
I got 25 dollars on the dresser and if I give it to my hoe
she gone bring by more not a minute go she aint givin that loot
and if you aint got no money she aint gettin at you
I like em sexy high yellow if you fit that's you
ooh boo you can come and get in the coop
take a hit of that fruit and get high with lil wayne
fly with birdman jr. wave hi to plans
say bey to lames don't buy they games
if he don't score in the first half bench his ass
if you play with my money Imma lynch yo ass
like john lynch and shit don't temp me bitch
wipe me down 'cause I'm filthy rich
if gettin money a crime Im guilty bitch
and that aint fair but I dont care im a muthaf**kin cash money millionaire chorus [2x] verse 3
sittin low in the car sittin high in the truck
lay in the front on the plan way in the back of the bus
I got ladies for days I got women for months
leave ya gil at home I made 21
got that thang on chrome blade 21
got them thangs inside make em empty one
pull it over to the side by a pretty one
like whats good ma come make the clouds jump ova us come fly wit me
my diamonds bling my weed is rap
call me weezy the king call me weezy the crack
if pimpin is dead imma bring it back
matta fact it never died so I take that back
if ya shoes to small shawty that take back
'cause you gone walk all day to you make that back
and that aint fair but I dont care Im a muthaf**kin cash money millionaire chorus [2x] what's really good ma it'a ya boy w-h-e-e-z-y f baby so hi in the ski Im so fly watch out for the power lines you know get wit me one pimp daddy


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