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Camel - Remote Romance
It's automatic There's too much static Ooh your signal's fading Down goes my rating Ooh your sig...

Camel - Refugee
There's a rumor flying through the air; Paranoia's creeping everywhere. You're gonna raise a wall ...

Camel - Rajaz
When the desert sun has passed horizon's final light And darkness takes it's place... We will paus...

Camel - Rainbows End
We began by sharing more together Black against white made it alright But things are different now...

Camel - Please Come Home
We've been writing letters each day Hoping that you'll come home. And we're wondering if you're ok...

Camel - No Easy Answer
No easy answers Come to me That I can see No easy answers Were close at hand When I began To...

Camel - Never Let Go
Crazy preachers of our doom Telling us there is no room. Not enough for all mankind And the seas ...

Camel - Neon Magic
Neon magic, a playground for the noise Got the boys feeling tough, acting rough Looking for troubl...

Camel - Mystic Queen
Have you seen the Mystic Queen Riding in her limousine Over hills and dales 'til morning... If yo...

Camel - Mother Road
You've made your decision to leave There's no turning 'round. Now that you've got a reprieve, You...

Camel - Metrognome
Time on your hands You doodle the day Shuffle your feet And turn on the news To hear what they m...

Camel - Manic
One day I'm up next day i'm down, I run from duck to dawn. The paranoia seizes me The nightmares ...

Camel - Lullaby
This is just a song To help you through the night Just like a lullabye. And if you're not strong ...

Camel - Lost And Found
Where have you come from, Where have you been? How can you know Unless you begin? Turn around, ...

Camel - Long Goodness
Down by the lake A warm afternoon - Breezes carry children's balloons. Once upon a time, ...

Camel - Long Goodbyes
Down by the lake A warm afternoon - Breezes carry children's balloons. Once upon a time, Not lon...

Camel - Lies
Tell me no lies, Has peace arrived... Or, is this some kind of joke? What a surprise, You don't ...

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Genesis Gentle Giant Yes


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