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Linkin Park
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Beck - Whiskey Clone, Hotel City 1997
(one more time) I was born in this hotel Washing dishes in the sink Magazines and free soda Tryi...

Beck - Truckdrivin Neighbors Downstairs
Acid casualty with a reposessed car Vietnam vet playin' air guitar It's just the shit-kickin', s...

Beck - Tropicalia
Oh, when they beat upon a broken guitar And all the streets, they reek of tropical charms The emba...

Beck - Timebomb
Beck - Timebomb We got a timebomb We got a timebomb We got a timebomb Na na na na We got a wa...

Beck - Sweet Sunshine
Judge [?] me on the inside with a finger full of gravy Wanna get you on the sofa, lady, wanna Shak...

Beck - Steal My Body Home
Put me in a hole in the ground With the money and the town And the women learnin' to bow [?] Can'...

Beck - Soul Sucking Jerk
I got a job making money for the man Throwing chicken in the bucket with the soda pop can Puke gre...

Beck - Soul Suckin Jerk
I got a job making money for the man Throwing chicken in the bucket with the Soda pop can Puke gr...

Beck - Sissyneck
I don't need no wheels I don't need no gasoline 'Cause the wind that is blowing Is blowing like a...

Beck - Sexx Laws
Can't you hear those cavalry drums Hijacking your equilibrium Midnight hags in the mausoleum Wher...

Beck - Ramshackle
You've been so long Your blind eyes are gone Your old bones are on their own So take off your coa...

Beck - Pay No Mind (Snoozer)
This is song two on the album This is the album right here Burn the album Tonight the city is ful...

Beck - Pay No Mind
This's song two on the album This is the album right here Put on the album (Music Starts) Tonigh...

Beck - Novacane
Keep on talking like a novacane hurricane Low static on the poor man's short-wave Stampede's got t...

Beck - Nitemare Hippy Girl
She took me off my guard with disappointment I got sucked inside of her apartment She's got dried-...

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Cake Radiohead The Shins The White Stripes Weezer


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