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Its Over Now (Remix) dainos žodžiai

What is this?
Numbers in your pocket
I remember when you
Used to throw those things away
Why do you wanna keep in touch now?
Who gave you a reason?
To act so shady Baby you know
You can call me anytime
Anything you needed I would give it to you
Ooh, that's how much I care for you
You wanna act now
Never call me back now
Turning off your cell phone
Girl you know that ain't cool
Yes I don't understand baby [G-Dep]
Ain't no scene my team can't slaughter
Ain't no cuisine my queen can't order
We can burn it up, do in on the camcorder
Let me hit it from the front till the ** get short
The Harlem hang glider, hot flow provider
Home of the project whores and all nighters
Niggas grab your lighters
Bitches grab your privates
We break night and take flight, I'm the pilot
You look up into the sky, why am I so high
It must be the Mo and ** mixed with Ty
The new Tri State Gregg Ganor
If u don't know, this will be a no-brainer
Man I get fame like Dana
Dame with frames, change up ** like I'm changing lanes
In the high octane Range Rover
Shorty got game - but game over 1 - [112]
Baby it's a shame we gotta go through this
We can't even talk
Girl we don't even kiss
I never would've thought
We'd be breaking up like this
But it's over now
It's over now You think that I don't know what's going on
Cause you're always home alone
And I'm always out of town
You need to stop trying to play me
Cause you can't even fade me
I know you're messing around baby
Baby you know
You can call me anytime
Anything you needed I would give it to you
That's how much I care for you baby
You wanna act now
Never call me back now
Turning off your cell phone
Girl you know that ain't cool
Oh I don't understand baby Repeat 1 (2x) Baby it's a shame
A shame that we go through
The things that we go through
When you're in love with me
And I'm in love with you
I think that we should talk about our problems
Instead of running away
Oh baby it's a shame
We couldn't work it out
Forgot what love was all about
And the feelings we had from the start
My heart will always be with you, oh
Girl it's over [Shyne]
Comin' straight outta Brooklyn
Trailor ass nigga with tha Neco
No top on that car, yeah that's me po'
She know when she shut the door
We gon crush on the floor and crush some more
Quit the talking ma, this ain't to interview
I'm trying to get into you, not into YOU
Crush your spine, corrupt your mind, ** your mind
Brooklyn girls come whine, whine
All day, every day
When I say my rod, all they do is pray
Please help me God
I need a broad who can take that charge
Whip that car, flip that hard
Stuff it all in the bra
Go raw, runnin' from the law
Fake face, rushin' cuts, put it in the jaw
Snake Nine's and Anne Klein's
Pedal to the floor
Hear the engine raw
And I'm under the governor Repeat 1 till end


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